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AKemConsulting.net is a group of scientists who have their own small companies or are self employed. We support each other in finding projects and sharing knowledge. AKos GmbH is marketing these services. We interact with the customers, discuss details, arrange agreements, and invoice. As a network each of us can be contacted and act independently.



Are you unable to

bullet find excellent Oracle programmers for reasonable money?
bullet build an application with chemoinformatics tools from different vendors, because you don't have the know-how or the time to get familiar with all these different tools?
bullet merge or migrate Oracle, Isentris, or ISIS databases?
bullet register samples in a database that have a common structure, but each sample might have different test values?
bullet with your existing staff to procure hundred or even thousands of compounds a day?
bullet quickly make a quotation for custom synthesis, and make sure that you also know the best way to synthesize your compound?

Our team of consultants with many years of experience with chemoinformatics software, and database applications can help you solve your problems. We have a back-up organization of 30 programmers in the Ukraine for larger projects.


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Structure Intelligence When building databases, you want that the structures are normalized, all NO2 groups look alike, the steroid framework is positioned in the right direction, salts are defined in way that makes a "salt search" possible.
Web services We have build a structure search web services in iScienceSearch allowing access to iScienceSearch from your web page.
BioMolecules We know how to handle large molecules in small molecule databases.
Registration What do your really register, a structure, a batch, or a bottle?
Creating Databases We create databases and forms for handling complex queries with the best performance possible.
Migration One needs know-how of the systems of different vendors.